Slow made apparel and accessories inspired by the 60’s. All items are designed, sourced and handmade with love by Brianna Moon in Rhode Island.

Brianna has worked her way around the apparel and jewelry industry since graduating in 2010. She graduated with a degree in Textiles, Merchandise and Design and Art. She has always been inspired by color, pattern, travel and texture. After working within the apparel and jewelry industry for many years within RI and NY, she knew one thing and that was she was done working for the man. Instead, it was her time to be a boss! 





Our apparel and jewelry, besides our sample items, are made to order in RI. Since our items are part of “Slow Fashion" they are made to last and be worn. Our apparel is made from deadstock fabric, vintage fabric or remnants from our locally owned mom and pop fabric store.  

All of our jewelry is made for deadstock components that are redesigned to give new life to “old stuff”. 

We stand for empowering womxn everyday which is why a portion of our sales aid in helping victims of domestic violence.



BRIANNA MOON was started in 2017 by designer, anxious animal mama, vintage enthusiast, cheap wine connoisseur, and feminist Brianna Moon (@itsbriannamoon) but underwent many facelifts and name changes. Brianna started making things at the young age of 3 where she would cut up and tie bandanas to make dresses for her dolls. As an only child, she would accompany her grandmother to work at her dry cleaners which is where her love of clothing began. She used to watch her grandmother hand sew and press all the garments. Brianna grew up surrounded strong women. She lived with her grandmother and her mother until her mother remarried when she was 10. 

Brianna attended a cathoic high school and was told because of her grades she would be lucky to get into college and have a career. If only they knew she suffered from ADHD, severe anxiety and depression from a young age. Instead she didn’t let these negative comments get her down. She not only thrived but she pushed herself to pursue two degrees and a minor. During this time she also studied in Lyon, the silk capital of Europe which is where her love for all things french comes in. She then got a summer internship in NYC within accessories at Harper’s Bazaar. Not only did she see some of the most amazing pieces she got to hold them in her hands and see how they were constructed.  This opened up pandoras box and when she returned to RI she began making apparel and jewelry. 

After living in RI for most of her life, having an internship in NYC opened up something in Brianna’s mind... she knew she needed to make a change so she picked up and moved to NYC with $1,000, no job and a random sublet. Within two days she found a job off instagram as an assistant putting together runway shows and installations for some of the biggest names in fashion. NYC was fun and it was exciting filled with endless parties for 2 years. The rents were high, the experience was enlightening but the romance of the city Brianna has always loved was dead. It wasn’t like the glamorous 1960’s movies she watched on repeat. She realized that she could be a little fish in a big pond or a big fish in a little pond and so she decided to move back home and make a name for herself there while taking care of her family.

After moving home she fell into the jewelry industry which played a key role in her starting BRIANNA MOON. Most of the remaining jewelry companies are owned by males and this is something she wanted to change. Brianna worked her way within the industry to make a name for herself with the hopes and dreams of one day running her own place. She learned, she thrived, she worked endless hours and realized she could do this… and that is when Brianna Moon began.

Domestic violence and violence against women is something Brianna and members or her family know all too well, which is why when starting Brianna Moon she knew she not only wanted but needed to give back.